How do I get rid of the Trojan virus with out erasing all my work?

I got the Trojan virus on my computer by going to a website. I’ve tried deleting a bunch of things from my computer but its still there. Im a script writer and have 30 pages done already and I dont want to lose it. How do I get rid of the virus without deleting it my work?

Answer #1

First, save (copy) your work to a removable format - flash drive, CD, floppy, what ever. Trojans do not usually take up residence in data files, which is what your script pages are. So your work will be safe Then run a complete scan of your system with what ever virus protection you have. If you have none then go to the internet to one of the sites that has free virus protection - AVG anti-virus is very good and trust worthy. Also Avast. Get it and run it. They have both free and paid versions - the free version will do the job. While you are at it, you should run a spyware detector. I use and recommend the free versions of Ad-aware as well as Spybot:Search and Destroy. Spyware Blaster is also a very good one. You can even run all three, but not at the same time.

All of the free software is available from a very trusted site I have used this site for reviews and downloads for the last 12 years. I consider it the best there is. Good Luck!!

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