how do I get rid of stretch marks on my boobs

how do I get rid of stretch marks on my boobs? is there a wayyy 2 like do it with soemthing at home or can you buyy stuff please help I love my boobs and would like 2 wear lower shirts but im always worried someone will c them

Answer #1

they will not fully go away. but using cocobutter, sheabutter, bio oil, medrema, or other creams for scars can reduce the appearance. tanning and self tanner does not work for everyone! so beware! sometimes it can lead to the stretch marks being darker or red.

Answer #2

Over Time they will not show as much.

There is ways to help them go quicker though : Rubbing Jojoba oil other them. Also moisturising might help.

Hope this Helps,


(p.s…I love my boobs too! Lol)

Answer #3

tanning, oil, and coco butter… I love my boobs as well:D

Answer #4

yes you are so cool

Answer #5

click the link below for more information about stretch marks: what causes them and ways to get rid of them

Answer #6

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