how do I get rid of porn evidence?

I’ve found evedince showing that I watch porn and I dont wont my mum or any family knowing. When I go onto computer, then that little arrow signh it all shows :S I found out its comming from the internet toolbar and not google chrome, so how do I delete the sites ??

Answer #1

this works for any interenet type. download ccleaner. it really works. it deletes internet history, and helps run your computer faster. its what I used to delete history, andno one ever knows it was on my computer,

hope this helps. xD

Answer #2

thnxs guys I use two site, chrome for all my games and that and enternet for porn but I need to get rid of that one becos it shows it all when you go on computer -_- I think I’ve done it naw tho :)

Answer #3


click the wrench icon in the up right corner of the toolbar and select Clear browsing data.

tick all checkboxes

clear data from this period… select ‘Everything’

press ‘clear browsing data’

done ;)

Answer #4

but I have a family that isnt very supportive and really likes to annoy me and finding this out could ruin me life for a very long time :S

wheres the history file ??

Answer #5

hey I got caught in a porn site in my early years yea and I got caught bringing porn in school in middle school lol I got banned from computers XDDD it was fun till it lasted :]]

Answer #6

a company… cant remember who tried to find out why people didnt liek porn

guess what…? they couldnt find anyone that hadnt ever watched it ;)

its nothing to b ashamed about :P

Answer #7

For firefox (mozilla) use Tools – Start Private Browsing before you go surfing.

For Chrome use Tools (wrench) – New incognito window

For IE8 select Open an InPrivate Browsing window after clicking on the new tab option. Not really sure on this as the very first thing I do when I get a new computer is cripple IE as much as possible so that if it runs it can’t really do much.

Answer #8

Go to your internet browser: This is for mozilla

Go to tools, options and click on clear recent history (if you click on the drop down arrow you should see it says cookies, browsing history etc.

What you could also do is to go to add/remove programs and remove any add-ons or programs that the sites might have installed as a result of the porn site. You can find add/remove programs under control panel (the start menu)

Answer #9

that doesnt sort of help funny story tho lmao

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