How do I get rid of my boyfriend's crazy ex girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I just started going out 4 days ago and with that my ex and his ex keep trying to break us up. His girlfriend is begging him to take her back and then messaging me saying I wont treat him right and he’s going to come back to her. She also said he was a player and only want girls for their bodies and she doesnt want me to get hurt like she did. Im getting annoyed because why is she even trying if he broke up with her? My ex is trying to start fights and black mailing me. What do we do? We really like eachother but this is too much for us. Please anything will help at this point ..thanks.

Answer #1

wow that’s a little too much at the beginning of the relationship…if it’s like this one week in how do you think it’ll be one month in or one year in? I think it’s just high school drama…and your ex’s are being really immature because they are wanting what they can’t have. I guarantee they weren’t this worried about you two until they found out you were dating…it’s just total jealously. The ex-girlfriend wants to see if she still has the spell over him that will make him dump anyone to run back to her, and as soon as she has him she’s going to break up with him being satisfied that she ruined his chances for another girl…and your boyfriend just sounds like a douche, but blackmailing isn’t cool…what’d you do mess around with him before dating the new guy? That could be the only thing that I can think of that would effect your current relationship..otherwise just ignore him. You two have to come together and realize your ex’s are going to do whatever it takes to break you two you have to decide if it’s worth it and if you want to continue, but if you really like each other the ex’s shouldn’t matter at all. It seems like you both wised up and started dating someone more on your level.

Answer #2

tell them their time is over and done with. they had their chances and screwed it up. they souldnt control your guyes relationship

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