How do i get rid of a headache caused from crying?

long story short I have been crying all night and well into this eyes look like hell and my head hurts so bad!!! I feel so exhausted right eyes sting everytime I shut my eyes to try to sleep and my head is pounding!!!

how do I get rid of the headache? anything to make my eyes hurt less? help!

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Cold ice pack on your eyes and a cool rag on your forehead mainly the temples, the temples will help with theheadache pain and icepack on the eyelids will help with swelling real quickly. It really works!! :) I hope your feeling better, sorry about the tears.

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Yeah. I know what that's like... sorry to hear about your tears.

Cold water gives some relief. Splash your face with it, then use a cold wet face cloth to help with the swelling. It wont take long, maybe 45 mins to an hour. No more crying. Watch a funny movie if possible. Try not to lie down though, and your head will clear up eventually.

And if you wear contacts, give them a break for now and stick to your glasses.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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A hot bath, with a nice cold towel on my forehead and over my eyes, then a nap always seemed to help me! Hope you feel better :)

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A bath always helps me. Just try and relax in the bath for a bit...

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