How can I get rid of a headache?

My mother suffer from head ac problem daily. she also take medicines for it but no any effect of medicines. Can you tell me any other idea to get rid of head ac problem?

Answer #1

She must go back to her doctor and he can prescribe medication or refer her on for futher tests. Only a doctor or specialist can diagnose what is causing these constant headaches.

Answer #2

If she’s having them daily, then she should make an appointment with a Neurologist! Is she taking over the counter medication or prescription medication for her headaches. If they are over the counter, then those don’t usually help very much. The Neurologist will be able to determine, what types of headaches she is getting, because there are many types, and put her on the proper medication, to not only control the frequency of the headaches, but also give her something effective for the pain. She may require a combination of different medications, that can help her.

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