How do I get motivation?

How can I get motivated on going on a diet???

Answer #1

Hi, If you lose about 8lbs and exercise to tone up. You should be in the healthy weight range according to your BMI.

See this page:

Also, This is an excellent free site where you enter your weight on a regular basis and you can nominate 4 friends who will be informed each week how much you have lost so they can motivate and encourage you.

Remember, only aim to lose a 1lb or 2 per week and exercise to keep your body toned.

Once you lose the weight, you need to keep to a healthy eating and exercise plan to make sure it stays off.

Good Luck! :)

Answer #2

I’m 5”2 and 145 pounds.

Answer #3

How much do you weigh now and how tall are you?

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