how do I get it to stay

I put on realy nice do I get it to last all day?

Answer #1

Gee, wonder where you got this idea. Biatch :3

Answer #2

I use oil-based parfum to make the scent last, and it is guaranteed… Ăœ

Answer #3

you mean perfume? eau de toilet doesnt have much perfume in it, and will wear off quickly eau de parfum has a higher percentage of actual perfume in it and it will stay on most of thge day howevere pafum is strong and can be overpowering so just put on a little if you dont have any putting the perfume on your pulse points and joints help spread it around and last longer places like your side of the neck other side of elbow behind the knee on your wrists ankles and even on your chest

Answer #4

Spray it on right after you get out of the shower, When your skin is most apt to soaking up moisture.

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