How do I get connection with my mom lawyer?

OK my mom is using me for child support money. She not even wasting a dime on me,well only for lunch money but other than that she use it for herself and new husband.I’m sick of it. My dad is going through a lot and all my mom want it money.

How do I handle it? I cant talk to her…I wanna go to court or something…can I contact her judge or lawyer? if so…how?

Answer #1

Do you buy your own groceries? If not- then she’s spending money on your food. Do you pay your own health insurance?- If not she’s paying a ton to make sure you get to go to the doctor. Do you pay your own water bill? If not- then she’s paying for your laundry, toilet flushes, and hot showers. Do you buy all of your own clothes? If not- then she’s spending it on your clothes. Do you pay for all of your outings to the movies and such? If not- then she’s paying for your entertainment. Do you pay rent for your bedroom, access to the bathroom, usage of the living room, and electrical bill? If not- then she’s paying to house you.

Before you assume your mother is spending all the money your father makes on bon-bons and dates with your step-dad, perhaps consider the cost of keeping you.

I have a 10 month old. Out of pocket, if he’s healthy that month, he costs me a MINIMUM of $800 per month- not including his monthly health insurance, of $350. He doesn’t go out to eat with his friends, nor does he spend 20 minutes every morning in the shower. He doesn’t eat like a teen either. His father pays $436 in child support per month. If I didn’t get that bit of help, I would be back to walking everywhere and eating less than 2 meals per day.

Kids are more expensive than you think. Of COURSE she wants her child support money- she birthed you and is raising you. It’s her right to be paid, and it’s your dad’s DUTY, no matter how screwed up his life is right now, to provide for you EQUALLY. She’s not responsible for his downfall, he is, however, responsible for maintaining the amount he was ordered to pay to keep you in the lifestyle you’re accustomed to.

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