How do I forget about what happened...?

One night I went out with some friends and I ended up getting really drunk. I’ve never been in that state before, everything seemed like a good idea. I wouldnt listen to my friend when she said I should go home, I was just so angry because id been so stressed because I felt under pressure to do well academically at home. I ran off an two guys followed me, they asked me to do things but I refused. But later on in the night I decided I needed a release.
The guys DID NOT force me. But every night I find myself looking back in disgust. I picture my parents faces as I arrived back in the early hours of the morning, they were so worried.

its been killing me. I need to know how I can forget. I need to forgive myself.

Answer #1

As a human we all make mistakes.we all wish we could take them back but in reality we cant.You need to forgive yourself focus on the positive things you can do.Stay busy do things that you enjoy and can take your mind off it . The best help you can recieve is time.Time will fade it all eventually and you will be able to forgive yourself.-best of luck-

Answer #2

I dont really find it funny. Sorry but I am struggling with this. NO theres nothing wrong with you, if you enjoyed it and did you know the guy? Whose Idea was it?

Answer #3

I’ve been in your shoes. Having sex with a stranger that you regret later can be tough. For me, I’ve just filed it away in the dark places of my memory. All you can really do is accept that it happened and move forward. You decided at the time you needed a release, so treat it as one and don’t beat yourself up for it.

Answer #4

Tell somebody. That always makes me feel better. Just getting something off your chest is a big relief. You could tell your counselor or a close friend that you trust.

Answer #5

Thanks for the advice, but the thing is it was kinda more than just a one night stand. I lost my virginity on that night. I didnt enjoy it. I was 15 (couple months on now and im 16) and it wasnt even in a house… its a lot worse.

Answer #6

hmm , it’s hard , , , , , I;ve benn there , but in different situation , and never forgived myself ,

Answer #7

Trust me A LOT of girls have lost there virginity to people they wished they haden’t and also in situations they wished they haden’t. More and more people loose there virginity in bushes, bus stops, forests and other unusual places. I’m not saying it’s ok but im saying you are not alone.

you have to pick you self up and realise you have to move on. I know how it must hurt but you have to forgive yourself. You can not change the past.

Answer #8

“Thanks for the advice, but the thing is it was kinda more than just a one night stand. I lost my virginity on that night. I didnt enjoy it. I was 15 (couple months on now and im 16) and it wasnt even in a house… its a lot worse”

I lost my virginity at 13, in a wood, with a 19 year old, very drunk. I don’t regret it. is there something wrong with me? :P So I’ve been in pretty much the exact same situation, tell your best friend- makes you feel a lot better. And then you can talk about the dirty details and make it into a bit of a laugh, that made me feel better about it.

Answer #9

if you’re SURE they didn’t force you - everyone makes mistakes babe. I’ve been there, done that. so have most women! got too drunk and copped off with a guy, and regret it later. it’s normal, unfortunately. Just think, you had fun at the time right? you enjoyed it so there’s no need to feel ashamed.

if you think they did take advantage, wish if I’m honest sounds quite like you’re situation, there are chat lines for that kind of thing and you can talk openly and confidentionally to a person who will understand. sometimes just opening up makes things so much better.

Answer #10

We all make mistakes,especially when were young. You were mentally in a state- you needed something to take your mind of your current situation and you did what you felt was right. If we all had the ability to see whether we would regret something we would hardly ever do it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You can get through it, as I said we all make mistakes. You can learn from your mistakes and make a better living for yourself in the future. Good luck.

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