How do i find out if i have an overbite?

My top teeth go over my bottom teeth a bit and I get jaw my jaw always cracks and goes out of place at times..

And I thik I might have an overbite but my dentist has never said anything about it..I have the dentist tomorrow..

Should I ask them or just asume that im ok and dont hve one?

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You don't have an over bite :D it's only if your bottom teeth go over your top, your normal :]

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the dentist wont mention it if it dosnt look bad but if it causing you pain then you need to bring it up.

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well everybody's top teeth go over there bottom ones. but your better off going to the dentist and asking because if you do then they can fix it. or the orthodontist.

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Why don't you just go to the dentist???

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