How do I entertain a 10 year old girl?

I babysitt a 10 year old girl every week. She usally wants to play pretend games, like house..ect. But latley she has been getting very bored. She really cant sit through a full movie and doesnt have any interest in tv, or the computer. I just need some ideas to keep her busy all day.


Answer #1

treat her like a baby. “Cutesy cutesy!” trust me, I have a 10 year old baby sissy goo goo ga ga shes sitting right next to me and she is A BABY! but shes gwowing up but shes still tiny

Answer #2

I know a girl about that age and she really likes arts and crafts… If you don’t get any helpful answers ask her what kinds of things she likes to do.

Answer #3

Ooh make a play? lol I don’t know that just sounds like fun for some reason. Ya definetely a good idea to ask what she likes to do lolz. I remember playing house for 7 hours one time omg it can get so boring. But you can also try to make like… hmm.. little cooking projects where she can use her imagination. So that you take care of feeding her creativity AND her stomach. =) Maybe play tag or talk about her friends…?

Answer #4

Play games with her on the Internet

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