How can I make my new cat get along with my other pets?

I got a new cat about a week ago, he is 4 months old. He is a Orange minx, mix cat( Tabby). He is very wild. I also have 2 dogs and another cat. The other cat (Teddy)is a gray and black cat that is 3 years old. The dogs (Sammy and Bruno) are both boys. All the cats and dogs are boys. Teddy, Sammy, and Bruno ( my pets I had before the new cat) all dont get along with the new cat, Tabby. Ummm what do I do besides getting rid of the new cat???

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A week is a very short time to expect that the animals are going to get aquainted…especially if this youngster is wild. Anytime I bring in a new animal…be it a dog or a cat, I figure a month of hyper-supervision…A new animal revamps the social hierarchy, and every one has to shift, or protect their place in the social structure…They need you there, to remind them that YOU are at the top of this structure…the new kitten is also relying on you for protection (even if he doesn’t realize it, the others will)…

Give this more time…


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Maybe you could start giving the new cat a lot of attention when your other pets are around so that they could start perceiving that they could start perceiving that the new cat is part of their “pack” so isn’t to be considered as a stranger or threat.

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it’s ok no worries I just thought you didn’t know lol

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