How do I cope with anorexia?

Lots of people say anorexia is psychological disorder happens to people who have low body image distortion with an obsessive fear of gaining weight.

I think its more of a choice rather than a disease…I dont know if people with anorexia just wants to loose weight to look pretty or have psychological disorder. But I have a problem…Things always dont go well in my life, I’m always sad, I feel that nothing is in control, no one cares about me I’m just too pathetic to be in this world…And the only thing I can do is take control of myself. I want to be perfect. Maby I should stop eating? when I loose weight I feel good, I feel pretty and I’m special. Will people like me more, will they care about me? I want to be perfect, I want to be thin and if not life’s just isn’t worth it. Or is it?

Answer #1

Because anorexia is far more prevalent among females, any good, credible answer to this question should probably come from a woman.

But speaking as a guy, I can tell you that most guys shiver with disgust when they see an anorexic woman. I say that because it’s the truth. I understand that some women want to lose weight, and I can understand doing that for health reasons if you’re overweight. But there is nothing healthy about anorexia, and being underweight is just as unhealthy and life-threatening. The best thing for you is to remain at a natural, healthy weight and keep up a healthy appetite. Eat healthy food, in other words…and eat it often.

As far as looks, I can tell you that guys like women with curves and a figure, not Kate Moss-like stick figures.

Answer #2

there are loads of fat people in this world, loads of chubby people, and loads of people that are normal weight. they are loved all the same!! just look around you… if anything, people with anorexia arent loved as much because people just think they are stupid.
you want to be perfect but its never gona happen because NO1 is perfect. being skinny wont make you pretty. it makes you look ill, it makes you feel ill… who cares if your not stick thin. thats disgusting anyway.

life isnt worth it if your not thin? thats so stupid. of course life is worth it. life isnt about being a stick you know. just go out and have fun. who gives a crap about how thin you are. yes you can be relatively skinny but you dont need to be anorexic…

Answer #3

your so gorgeous anyway

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