How do i convince my parents not to switch my school?

ok EMERGENCY! my parents told me theyve decided to switch me into another school. im going to a public school right now and all of me friends are here and I mean ALL of them. they say I dont concentrate enough on my school work which is total crap because I have over a 4.0 gpa and im taking 4 honors classes, what the f*ck? im pretty sure its because they think I party too much, which I guess you could say is true, but im aceing almost all of my classes anyways so what does it matter? they want me to go to this prep school who is my current high school's rival and I dont know anyone there. how do I convince them to let me stay? I have until january

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Obvious your parents love you and are looking after your best interests - those friends (hopefully they're a positive influence) are a phone call away and you'll have the opportunity to make new ones - hardly an emergency or the end of the world...Take care !!

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If this bothers you that much, then stop being such a party girl. Your parents know what they're doing - it has nothing to do with your grades.

You have until January, so shape up or be prepared to move.

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Hope I`am not to to them not shout and kry.But give them alternatives let them think your sorry and you wil work harder.Even if you are giving your best. Giving up is never a option.

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mate its called broadening horizens. exactly the same thing happened to me, i went to the rival school. is it a boarding school by any chance? mine is, and guess what. your right it will be hard at first but i love it now so much more than before and now i have like double the amount of friends! so good for social life, and adapting easier to new things in later life...

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nooo katie! damn im gonna miss you

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still i dont want to. and i dont think i should have to

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wow. umm youre REALLY funny

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You'll make new friends. You'll live.

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omg girl the sammme thing happened to me except i lost ya i went to public school my whole life and they just switched me over and i had a 4.0 and 3 honors but ask to finish out the year and be like i dont wanna switch out in the middle of my highschool year and prove to them you can concentrate more on school hope this helped and good luck girl!

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