How can I get my parents to let me switch schools?

okay so at the school I goto now there are this group of ghetto girls who are big meanies and they take my money and have choked me and socked me before…and now I wanna go to this other school thats amazing and I already know a lot of kids there(: how do I get my parents to agree

Answer #1

God. chloe no’s!! tell your parents you wanna move school if that dont work say your getting bullied :) see chloe no best :)

Answer #2

defend yourself even if you know your gonna lose.

and dont stop cause its a lot of fun >:]


tell them whats going on.

you can actually sue these girls for big bucks next time they choke you or hit you. I wouldnt do that, but lots of people do. just putting it out there.

Answer #3

Tell them what’s happening at your current school and convince them that going to the school that you want to go to is better for everyone.

Answer #4

Beat the hell outta them!

Answer #5

tell them wats happening and that you k a lot of people at the other school

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