How do i convince my parents to let me get a snake?

I really want one. I think they're soo cute but my parents (mostly my mom) is scared of them. I dont want a huge one though, just like a milk snake or a corn snake.

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try to start small like a milk snake or a corn snake they are generally easy if you know what you are doing these snakes will usually eat small mammals ask a employee at a pet store what foods you should feed older and younger snakes

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I am sort of caught in the same situation as you are. Im 13. I want a ball python REALLY REALLY REALLY bad, but my stuborn, ignorant of my interests, scared to death of snakes parents won't let me get one either. Idiotic, right? I think the reason my parents are being such wooses is because my brother had a snake once. And it got out of its so called secured cage. It was slithering up around my parents bed at 3am in the morning. Proove to your parents that you're responsible enough. And say "Mom,Dad look. Snakes are one of the easiest pets to take care of. You won't ever see it. I'll take care of it. Just pretend it's not here. Parents put their feet down in stupid places. Hope I helped.

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If your parents said no, then accept it.

Their house - their rules.

All you will end up doing is making them angry if you pursue this.

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tell them you will take care of it and everything and if they say that it could get out of the cage tell them that you promise it wont and that they are good pets to have because they dont make noice and foods cheap...tell me if you get them to get you one and how lolz I want one to but my parents wont let me.and tell them that at least your not asking for a turantula or something. lolz hope I helped.

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hi Ammiranny im Ragi and im 13 well I don't think it will B easy 2 convince your parents 2 get a snake but you might try 2 tell them that you will lock it up in your room or u'll keep it in a small glass cage but dont pop up da question quickly try calming them down first and ask them slowly if they dont agree then what da heck , I tried 2 convince my parents 2 get me a Bengal

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honestly I had a snake of my own and to tell you the truth there not like a cat or dog defiently not something you can play with obviosly but if I can go back I would have just saved my money and not got a snake its a lot of hassel and money for nothing but you do watever you want im just saying if I were you I would save my money and get something else

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ok so if this is helpful, please funmail me! well, first I hope you understand the responsibility of caring for an animal like a snake. after you are still sure you want one, try to come up with a arguement. like: "I really want a snake! I think they are great and fun"(or whatever you think they are)! "I know you think they will be harmful and hard to take care of, I understand why. but I don't want a big one, a small one, so it will be easier to take care of. also, we can ask the employees of"(whatever pet store) "to see which snakes are not harmful. we will get a cage that will be sturdy and so the snake will NEVER come out, unless we/I take it out to hold it. I understand that you NEVER want it slithering around the house, so I promise you I will NEVER put it down, I will only take it out to hold it then put it back." I really hope this helps and remember, funmail me after you read this and tell me what you think about it and if it works!!! bye! :D

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