how do I clear my google search history??!

I need to clear my google search history but I have no idea how! can someone please help?!?!?!

Answer #1

First: If you have Windows XP and Windows Internet Explorer, look at the Top right area of your Internet Window. There is an option that is titled “Tools”. In the drop down menu select “Internet Options”. A new window will open up and you have an option of “Deleting browsing history”. Do this and check all the boxes. (That is the safest way to totally clear your browsing history, saved passwords, cookies, etc.) Second: If you have the “Google Toolbar” program installed and running on your internet I believe the browsing history for that will still show up. It kept showing up on mine and I just got rid of the program.

I hope I helped and good luck.

Answer #2

ok by the URL bar look to your right you’ll see the link google and and arrow pointing down. click on the arrow and you’ll se your history then look at the bottem right corner of your history it will say clear click it then wait a second and its cleared!

Answer #3

You must did something you aint have no business doin!!!lol I’ve been in those shoes before!!

Answer #4

why? were you searching for porn?

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