How you do delete the history in your search bar?

How you do delete the history in your search bar? Like when you click your google search bar on the top of your screen, all the past things youve looked up come up. How do you delete that? Its not the history I dont think because I tried that. Thanks x

Answer #1

its not really deleted that way as history is keep in other folders on the computer and technically a hard drive doesn’t delete as the hard drive just writes over the top of the data or file that was deleted which can take ages until the space is writtin upon.. which is how police can still see what is on your hard drive to well aswell as it takes using specialized software that basically just is like a shredder to remove data or files on a hard drive that you dont want the police or others to see on a hard drive so its unrecoverable.what web browser you using ?

Answer #2

im using firefox.

Answer #3

ctrl+H it should delete everything.. (:

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