how do I change my black dyed hair to a lighter brown?

I dyed my hair about a week ago and it turned out REALLY dark brown well you can say black and I want to change it to a light brown but can I use a store bought color? How long do I have to wait to dye my hair again? What color do I use to lighten from a black to a light brown?

Answer #1

you can either wait till it fades which may take a while or you can bleach it and then dye it the color you want. try to use really good dye because too much dye could turn your hair green

Answer #2

I dye my hair very often, but you have to wait about 2 months at the least, unless you want to kill your hair and to lighten your hair, you have to go to a hairdresser, and get the colour stripped out first and re-dyed

Answer #3

since it’s dye you need to re dye it to get the color you want. go see a stylist this time to prevent mistakes.

Answer #4

ok here is the deal ,my cousin is a hair dresses & I had the same problem I dyed my hair black , ok you can NOT put an artificial color on top of an artificial color unless your going darker first off you gotta use bleach 200 bleach blonde loreal ,, second off you have to by a light brown color too becuase your hair will be a nice orange color after the bleach , if you just buy a plain brown box your natural hair color (root) are the only thing that will lighten.

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