how do I bcum a wrestler

I wanna no how I bcum a wrestler because I wanna go to da WWE and shut Edge’s big mouth 4gud. I am serious. what are the steps I need 2 take 2 bcum a wrestler?

Answer #1

you have to join a wrestling school

Answer #2

why did you post this under love and relationships

Answer #3

You DO know that WWE is scripted, right? It’s not real in any sense. They’ve got board of writers that write the shows. In order for you to shut him up, you’d have to work your way to the WWE (that mean being really good and being noticed) and then waiting for the writers to write the scene that way.

Don’t tell me you’re one of those that thing it’s all real. The blood is real, yes. But all the moves, you can normally tell, are pretty much faked.

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