how do I get rid of the urinary tract infection

how do I get rid of the urinary tract infection besides going to the doctor I really don’t want a pelvic exam

Answer #1

you just tell the DR. what your symtoms are and he will give you meds to get rid of it. they do not give pelvic exams for that as far as I know. I had it before and the DR. gave me meds thats all.

Answer #2

my older sister had that and went to the chemist instead of thedoctor, she told her to drink loads of cranberry juice and if dont go in a week - two, go to the doctors, it went in about 4-5 days, so that was good… but they prob wont give you a pelvic exam.

Answer #3

When I had one it was detected through a urine sample, I’m pretty sure you don’t need a pelvic exam.

Answer #5

Hope you see your Dr - can be very dangerous if you let it go.

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