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How do deal with rude inconsiderate neighbors?

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Moved to a " quiet" neighborhood, but I got the neighbors from hell. they park in front of my house, then I look in their driveway and no cars parked there, nor in front of their own house, I have a big beautiful front window and all I see is their car, visitors car as any one who visits park in front of my house not theirs, uses his chain saw to cut up his firewood in his driveway and my bedroom is right next to their drive way, any time they let their dogs out they are barking, early morning hours, night etc, try to sleep in, their son's muffler is one of those annoying loud mufflers, wakes me up or the dogs wake me up the list goes on and on... I am now sleeping on my couch because both bedrooms are next to their driveway, I don't know what to do I've never dealt with this type of annoyance before..Help ??