How did the bad earth quake happen in Haiti?

Did youll hard about what happen in Haiti thou?,it was a very bad thing that happen their thou,also I am surprise that a earthquake could happen in that side off the world thou,useserlle it would happen most in California thou.

Answer #1

Well there are a lot of techtonic plates in the world. Some places, like haitie, chile, California, etc.. are imbetween two plates. When those move they cause seismic waves, (earth quake)

I hope ihelped you a little bit Im sorry I answerd really late!

Answer #2

Let me guess, you’re American? The largest recorded earthquakes have been in Indonesia, Chile, China, and Alaska (you know that place up North?) to name a few. Remember the Asian Tsunami in 2004?? A little geography might help. Plate tectonics is generally a good place to start.

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