How- did I stop growing?

Ok so when I was like in 6th grade I was always the tallest in my class and now that I’m in 8th grade I’m the shortest! I look everybody up, everybody is talle or the same size, I mean there are only like a few people that are shorter than me. Did I stop growing or shrinked or something?

Answer #1

Haha, I was the tallest as well! Girls grow taller/faster than guys at young ages, that’s why most little girls have super skinny looking long skeletal legs, then they fill out and grow, but the guys sprout up faster than heck over a year time! Just how it works I guess, I dont know but I know what you mean…I came back a year later after being the tallest in my class to see people who were like 4 foot last year to be 6’5’’ this year, sporting a scary low voice…I was like WOAH! O_O

Answer #2

Everyne has their own height. Growth spurts come and go. That’s all.

Answer #3

ha,ha very funny! yeah I know where you’re comming from,well I was not the tallest about average,and now I’m one of the smallest,it sucks!!!

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