How to leave the stuff people say behind me?

right you may call mee weird I dont blame mum has bipolla I have a fear of food am in love with a great guy.. but how do I feel good about my self as when I get called fat I starve for weeks on end but I dont want to be fat anymore but I dont want to be anorexic again either ! please help me on things to do to leave the * people say behind as my boyfriend said if I get trouble to tell him but I dont want to do it like go to him everythime somthing bad happens

Answer #1

Start being more positive about yourself. And, start taking what others say about you with a grain of salt (the salt is good for you).

It’s your life and you are responsible for it. In the long run, what others say about you is not going to add or detract from the quality of your life.

If you think you have an eating disorder then it is up to you to take stock of the situation and attempt to do something positive about it. You can talk with counselors or others locally who can help you or, if nothing else, communicate via Fun Mail with some of the Advisors here.

If you communicate, honestly, with whomever, they may be able to help you “see” information that may help YOU to understand your problems and see what solutions you may have.

All around health affects your quality of life now and into your future. No one else can make the decisions for you. YOU have to make the decision to take those steps that are going to be beneficial for you.

Remember, it’s all about you and your choices. Not about what others think about you.

Answer #2

wel for 1, your not fat, an 2 try your best 2 ignore those people who call you fat there just stupid pig ignorant people your a very pretty girl, people call others names because there not happy with themselfs, if your boyfriend said you shud go to him when ever your upset then you should, hes there for you and will help you as muc as possible,gud luk xx

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