How can I burn DVD's?

how do I burn dvds?how could I make a copy of a dvd or how could I copy a dvd movie into my computer?

Answer #1

Nowadays, DVDs are copy protected, so they cant be ripped straight off a disc. There are programs out there that can override this, but they are illigal. If your wishing to burn a DVD that you have made, just burn it how you would a normal CD =)

Answer #2

Well, I’m afraid we can’t tell you what the ripping program is, or how to get it, since it is illegal after all. And that’s against the Funadvice terms and conditions.

Answer #3

If your computer includes DVD recorder, you can easily copy files to a writable disc. In this process OS automatically burn discs exist in the Live File System Format and movies will copy to the writable disc.

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