How come when a girl is mad she will not have sex with her man?

My girl gets angry all the time ,me I love sex but when she iz angry,I try 2 have sex with her and she wont do it-but wh3n im angry she thinks about doiin me

Pllz help

Answer #1

If the lassies no in a good mood, you gotta make her in the ‘mood’ Set the mood a bit, chase her, make her want you etc. Just depends what kind of relationship you guys got. Hope I helped :).x

Answer #2

They arent in the mood. But if shes playing around; she wants your attention, chase after her.

Answer #3

yep. totally second that first opinion. I mean, when you’re mad, I don’t think most people think about sex. just do it when you guys are both happy. Try to understand each other more. :)

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