How come it hurts after I ejaculate?

How come after I ejaculate the head of my penis hurts? Not really bad to the point that I might need a doctor, just a bit. Like if I get a handjob, after I ejaculate around the head hurts, and if she starts to give me a handjob again right after it hurts a bit around the head of my penis. And it will hurt for a couple days, maybe 2 or 3 days. And its everytime I ejaculate. I’ve never had sex, me and my girlfriend are both virgins, and for both of us its our first relationship, so its nothing to do with stds or anything. Anybody know a way to get rid of that, or why it might be doing that?

Answer #1

you jacked off to many times time and that irritation is sighn your body is trying to tell you its not ready to go into intercourse or jack off, in another way your hormones are tired and are still in the proccess of preparing sperm for the next time you do it, its basically caused by to many ejaculation within a seirton time it really depends on the guy, some take couple of hours and some days for the body have sex again and one other thing can couse is rough sex or a rough hand job go easy on the guy.

Answer #2

r you circumsized or maybe you have an infection or something you still need to get checked out before it gets worst and im not trying to be rude or mean but tell her to wash her hands before touching your lil man.maybe that could be the problem.and if your not circumsized that could be your main reason that it hurts.

Answer #3

Its just nerve endings calming down my husband went to the doctor lol The nerves tighten during sex and and then are going back to normal size.

Answer #4

how so…

Answer #5

Yes it would make a big difference…

Answer #6

solamon, no im not. would that make a difference though?

Answer #7

u curcumcised?

Answer #8

I have exactly the same problem and I think it is because I ejaculate liek 1-2 a day, me and my girlfriend, WERE very keane on it but now not so much, because it stung like hell, like a burning sensation just under the tip of my head.

Answer #9

sounds to me like maybe your urethra is getting irritated by all of the attention you’ve been receiving lately- if your girl friend tries being a bit more gentle, your symptoms might go away. just a guess- but it sounds like what you are explaining.

Answer #10

Long story short, this is normal. Nerves in the head of your penis become more sensitive during erection and stimulation, and the body releases hormones that increases your sense of pleasure. After the orgasm occurs the euphoria subsides, but your nerve endings in your penis are still ultra-sensitive and it “hurts”. Just wait a few minutes and your body will bounce back. Other seemingly odd but natural reactions to orgasm include feeling like you have minor cold symptoms after orgasm (achiness or a stuffy nose), feeling cool or cold afterward (temperature-wise, not attitude!), muscle spasms in your legs or “charlie horses”, all which have a biochemical explanation. (doesn’t mean you just caught an STI or that you have prostate problems).

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Answer #12

you mabye were not ready to cum but you forced it

Answer #13

I had the same problem too. I found the answer late but it works. You can jack off everyday. Give 24 hours to recharge. Then go to shower and do it or take lotion in your hands and do it. When you are at the peak of the orgasm, which is , when semen is about to cum out, dont hold it for a long time. While holding it without releasing the semen gives you more excitement, afterwards thats why it hurts. Just release the semen when it is about to come out without holding. Then there will be no pain.

Answer #14

make sure your girls hands and clean makeup prefums even some lotions can make it painful when gettin a hand job also try lube it may help things move smoother for both of u

Answer #15

If you are able to become erect and then soft again (when you don’t ejaculate) with no pain, and you are able to pee with no pain, then it sounds like a possible prostate problem.

Try the following experiment (no fun, but you want to know don’t you?). Do the handjob business, but stop shortly before ejaculation and let yourself cool back off. If it still hurts, then it’s something related to the penis head itself. If it doesn’t hurt when you do that, then it’s probably a prostate issue. Either way, you probably want to see a doctor, but it would be good to be armed with the information he/she needs before you go.

Answer #16

use some lube I promise I have the same thing… but most guys do… they just don’t feel it so much cause usually after ejaculating they just chill or go to bed but if you try to go at it agian it will hurt a little. Otherwise we’d be able to do it continuously…

Answer #17

if your not circumsised, then, when you ejaculate, your shaft widens and wour whole penis tenses, if you are not circumsised, then the expansion of the shaft may have torn or streched a bit of skin on the inside of youe shaft, you may want to have it circimsised

Answer #18

sometimes when your load is too much like you havent jacked off in mabe 3 or 4 days. thats what hurts me the most.mabe you have a UTI

Answer #19

my husband has the same issue. check with a doctor, but I believe what you described is normal. when you get an erection blood flow increases to your penis, this is what makes it larger. after ejaculation, blood flow is slowing. this makes the head supper sensitive. this is normal in most cases. a women also has this issue with her clit. I do agree that it is a good idea for your girl to watch her hands as well as you before fooling around. that can cause infections. hope this helps, and best of luck.

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