How come i feel weird when he talks to other girls?

I used to like this guy that ivwas best friends with since I was four. We had a specail bond as some would say, and therefore I liked him for years, and he has only liked me probably once for a short period of time. When I found out, ivwas really happy at first but then I stopped because it felt weird for some reason I'll never understand. I haven't like him or anyone for three years now, but I still get a little jealous when I see him with other girls and he seems to get the same way when I'm with other guys. We haven't hung out since my graduation which was in June. He stopped calling, and I so it has obviously been quite a long time. We just started talking again last week. If I'm over him then why do I still get a little jealous when he's with other girls? We have never gone out before bit we were more than friends. Is this why? How can I stop feeling this way? Does he feel the same way?

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well because you guys where friends for a long time it's ok to have weird feelings for a guy that you liked a lot. But maybe you like him more then a friend. Just go out once and see what happens

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he was an important part of your life, its perfectly normal to have weird feelings when he talks to other girls.
Spend some time thinking about what he means to you, what you would do if you were with him, if you could see it going anywhere, if you WANT it to go anywhere.
Just, spend some time thinking about it. In the end, its your opinion and feelings that count

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