how can you stop smokeing weed?

im a pot head straight up I cant go one day with out smokeing weed and wasteing my money on it its like I need to smoke everday or else I’ll day how can I quit this bad habit I have?

Answer #1

Eh, I firmly believe marijuana (when used RESPONSIBLY) can be a very effective medicine to treat a number of ailments. The facts are there and to simply deny them because of their legal status is not only stupid, but it’s also simply not fair. It can be used responsibly and with moderation, but some people don’t have the drive to do it. However this is a whole other discussion entirely.

To answer your question – you lack motivation because you don’t have any longterm goals. You need to find some things that will keep you interested and busy. Meet some more people and get yourself a girlfriend if you don’t already have one. Love is the most powerful drug with the best high out there.

Answer #2

you just have to set a goal and stick to it. think of how much more productive you gould be and what you could be spending your money on. think of your family and how they feel or would feel about it. Try to go 1 day with out it and just do it. dont be a flake set a goal and stick to it and once you go a day with out it try 2 days and so on.

you can do it I smoked weed for a long time and once I met my husband and had our baby it is not important anymore. there is so much more to life than laying on teh couch and doing nothing. its probably something you just need to grow out of. its part of being an adult you have to be responsible and want better for your self. only you can do it.

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