Stopped smoking, continue to grow?

I’m about to turn 18, I’m 5’10”, I quit smoking a month ago, I had been smoking for about 2 years and a half, my dad is like 6’1”, so I’m thinking, since I started smoking when I was in my early teens (15 years old) like an idiot, will stopping now maybe give me a growth spurt? :-P Maybe this is just wishful thinking.

Answer #1

I heard it stunts growth.

Answer #2

im not sure but 5’10 is good height and if your only 18 then you havent stopped growing but I dont think smoking has anything to do with that

Answer #3

No.Smoking is mainly nothing to do with height so it won’t help.

Answer #4

I never smoked and im 13 and almost 6 feet tall.

so maybe ?

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