How can you make a stronger reaction like baking soda and vinegar?

The neutralization reaction of baking soda and vinegar gives off CO2 as a byproduct. Would replacing the two components with a higher pH base than baking soda and a lower pH acid than vinegar make a stronger reaction (one that would give off more gas)? If so, what common household items could be combined to make the reaction?

Answer #1

Yes, it would have a stronger reaction if you used materials with higher and lower pH, but it is extremely dangerous to do so. Like, explosively dangerous. Using a strong base and a strong acid can cause the items to react so quickly, bomb-like levels of heat can be given off, and the gas by-products can be produced so vigorously, extremely caustic chemicals can be flung everywhere. It doesn’t take a very rigorous Google search to come up with dozens of pictures of people who have lost their eyesight toying with the concepts that you’re asking about without first learning the chemistry behind them.

Answer #2

well if your looking for things with a high pH, pipe cleaners, the liquids you pour down the drain to clean clots are the most basic thing in you have access to unless your a chemist. I believe their pH is 12 or 13. you get much more acidic then vinegar you start to risk burns so I can’t advise you to go stronger. but if you try the pipe cleaner and it’s different in any way please let me know. now I’m curious:)

Answer #3

Thanks Mikeh. I did not know that:) now I know not to try that:)

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