how can we improve in life?

how can we improve in life iam 15 year old?give me a fantastic answer who can give me a advice?

Answer #1

Depends which way you want to improve your life, but I’m 15 years old as well, actully I’m 16 in 20 / 21 days :)

I am basically improving in life by :

  1. Learning a lot more! By revising at home, yes it sounds boring but infact it’s actully rather fun! Lmaoo

  2. I’m earning money at my parents business or at home, which ever I feel like doing to be honest. Only because then I can get what I want and it makes me feel so much better.

So think about what you want and then try your hardest to succed.

If it’s starting a business or something, then you are going to need to earn some money first, maybe from doing the ironing or something stupid like that.

Wooo my first ever answer on FunAdvice :)

Answer #2

maybe to improve in life we need to understand that maybe we have done wrong and if you can fix what you have done thats a start.And because you have looked back on what you have donre wrong that could be an improvment because some people dont think like that.Another way can be to live our dreams and our lives to the fullest and have no regrets. And be a good personx

Hope I helped Bye,byexx

Answer #3

improving your life involves taking baby steps, you stumble and hopeful you can get up and progress.

our parents help guide us to improve ourselves for the better, so I believe without their encouragement and support improving your life would be difficult.

Answer #4

You can improve in life by starting with you..Believe in yourself, stay positive, be happy. Being smiley and optimistic is contagious. By smiling or doing something thoughtful can bring someone joy. Always try and think of consequences before you make your choice. By making yourself a reponsible and respectful person you help yourself and help improve other’s lives by being an example.


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