How can you tell, breast cancer?

I have this feeling that I might have breast cancer and I don’t know how I can tell. I tried lifting my arms up and touching the side of my breast and I kinda feel something but I don’t know what it iz or if itz supposed to be there.I tried tellin my mom but she wont beleive me and on top of that I think I may have asma..I don’t know what to do or me

Answer #1

u should go to the docter see what happens but your growing it maybe nothing but be on the safe side go to the docter… tell your mom “lets go out to eat” and tell her what is wrong dont keep secrets they just damage the heart and soul =)

Answer #2

Ok hun, I know things like this are scary. But ask your self does it hurt? often if it is it would hurt, does it feel like a pea shape? again if yes then I would recomend going to see a doctor, just incase, at your age it is extremly rare. But its better to be safe, even if it just puts your mind at rest.

Answer #3

Young people’s breats are constantly changing, and it is normal to worry because of things you feel- especially when you hear so many stories about breast cancer nowadays. It is probably nothing, but you are perfectly able to go to your GP to put your mind at rest. There is no need to tell you mom if you do not want to, just book an appointment and go. They will be able to reassure you and double check so you do not need to worry more. It is always best to get things like this checked out.

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