How can make my butt big ?

People say I can make my butt big by having “butt sex”.
Is that true?
And why do boys like girls that have big butts?

Thank You =)

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I would say... WHO are these "people"!

That's the biggest load of crap anyone can tell you ---

As to why boys like girls with big butts --- It goes back to the so-called "cave man" days --- and a comparison of large breasts to the size of your butt cheeks...

Men are attracted to woman with large breasts because in nature, it signifies the woman will be able to properly be able to feed a baby with her milk...

It's no different than a woman preferring a man that has a 6-pack of abs --- because in her mind, a strong man means one that can protect and care for her...

These days --- NEITHER is really accurate in the big picture... because we both know of people with no butt, and no abs that are good parents... But, you can't change how things in nature really are --- it's built in and not something learned...

But --- I think I got off your topic a little...

boys (men) like girls (women) with big butts because it reminds them of large breasts...

That said --- not all boys/men like big butts!

So --- I would say --- it sounds like you want to increase the size of your butt --- Trust me when I say, butt sex will NOT increase its size!!!

It will expose you to some diseases though --- so if that's in your plans --- protect yourself!

...and let your butt grow on its own --- it will do its own thing without any help! :)

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You all are funny lol butt sex makes your butt hole bigger not your butt and honestly the only way to make it bigger is to run do butt ups and go up and down on your tippy happy with what you got hunnie because I have like NO butt and my boyfriend loves it...juss be thankful

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man you shuld be happy wit what yu butts small and my boyfriend loves it

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People you all are hilarious!!!

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You could try eating bread, not too much though. I've heard that helps.

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you really need to stop beleiving everything you see/hear/read
"butt sex" or anal as its more commonly known
does NOT make your arse bigger
and I dont see how anyone could beleive that crap either
nothing will make your bum bigger
exerscise can tone it, but thats about it
gaining weight will obviously make it bigger
but youll gain weight in other places too
there is nothing that will make your bum bigger apart from surgery
which you can get untill your at least 18
also, all men do NOT like big bums
every man has a DIFFERENT personal preferance
they dont ll like the same thing
some like them big, some small, some toned, some not, some dont liek any celulite, some dont care, and some of them like other mens arses
but they dont ALL like the same thing

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There are exercises. The having butt sex thing is like an exercise that makes your butt bigger when the muscle re grows. so do some... butt.. ups. Some girls get bigger buts by gaining weight.. the fat goes to there butt

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hahah that doesnt make your butt bigger its just makes your butt hole bigger. and hmm 4 me I guess I just like sumtin I can squeeze and smack and hold. but I don't really go much 4 body I like personality bttr but dats just me so hope I helpd

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I have never did "butt sex" with a girl before,so I wouldn't know about that part. Some guys have different tastes in girls,it depends on the boy,me I personally like a girl with a medium butt,not to big or small.

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I Have hear it all now...and no --someone just wants it that way

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