Does anal sex make your butt bigger?

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No it does not make your butt bigger.

The anus is very very sensitive so you have to be very careful when participating in anal play/sex or else it could be very painful.

For tips and cautions - the do's and dont's of anal, ask more questions.


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No it doesn't make your butt bigger. =]

can a doctor tell if you have anal sex? or anal play?
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No, not true.
Anal sex can do a lot of damage so be careful.

Man having orgasm by anal sex
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^he's obviously crazy, no it doesn't make your butt bigger.

Is it weird to have anal sex before vaginal sex?
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ahahaha,, yes it doo ! it madee miness biggerr ! ivee done itt lots of timess (: jusstt be carfull ! -im still a virgin im leavin my v-jj ferr marriagee ! lmao ! .,

Can your butt orgasm during anal sex?
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Its just a line guys use to get you to use your anus... why would it make your butt bigger?

Is having annal sex causing the ass become bigger? i mean is making it out of shape?
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I don't know, who really

Whats dry sex??
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It doesn't make your butt bigger, but it does make the sphincter looser. A lot looser. You'll have to wear larger panties and quit eating anything that gives you gas.

On the bright side, you'll be really popular with the guys.

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Haha no silly! It just hurts. Guys just say that to make u do it. Try eating different squading or runing. Big butts are genetic. Ucan just make it toned =)

Does your clit get bigger when you masterbate?
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If it did my ex-girlfriend would have had a huge butt. Don't listen to these haters, for six years it was our primary form of birth control and we never got pregnant.. We both enjoyed it immensely.

Anal masterbation

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