How can I win back my best friend when she won't listen to me?

My best friend is too busy hanging out with a girl who is brainwashing her. Yesterday night, her new best friend called me a bitch and told me to stay away from her. I’ve been friends with my best friend longer, and when I tell her that her new best friend told me to stay away from her, she won’t believe me. How will I get my friend to a) Learn the hideous truth about her so- called “friend.” b) Prove her wrong and c) come crawling back to me?

Answer #1

help me people, help me. please?

Answer #2

Step up your game plan Emmaisromani.

I would go up to her face and smash her reputation in front of everyone. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

Answer #3

when someone dosent belive you when your telling the truth it hurts.

if it was me I would let the “ so called friend “ get on with it, but dont listen to her, if your bestfriend wanted you to back off she would tell you but other wise keep hanging out with her.

Answer #4

I have had many friends who have done this to me, one of them I had known for longer than 10 years, another I had known for 4. Both of them decided to make new best friends and forgot all about me, one of them was even cruel enough to call me horrible names behind my back with her new friend. She even spat on me and we had only just been talking a couple of minutes before! That’s how sneaky some people can be and you shouldn’t stand for it. My advice is to just ignore them both, make new friends, ones that you can fully trust, that’s what I did and I still have those new friends now. A friendship is a very close relationship and if there is no trust within it then what is there? Nothing. Just remember that throughout life you’re not going to have the same friends forever.

Answer #5

That’s exactly what’s happening to me right now ):. I’ve tried this, it hasn’t worked for me but it might for you, maybe if you keep another few friends near you when this other girl says these things to you, so that if your best friend doesn’t believe you, they can back you up as witnesses. Sorry I haven’t got the best advice :/

Good luck xx

Answer #6

This isn’t advice, but an update. You know the girl who called me a b*? Well… she spread around a rumor that I’m gay with one of my friends and that we had sex under the bleachers. Now, it’s being twisted and getting worse by the second. All I have to say is that I want to die right now.

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