Best friend back

I have a guy friend and I liked him I told him how I felt and he went out with me but after two or 3 weeks he dumped me for his another girl and wont talk to me he was my best friend now hes gone can someone help me all I want is friendship how can I get my best friend back

Answer #1

well the reson your old bestfriend left you was not only because he found another girl but because he probially thought it was wierd to g out with his bestfriend. if he wont talk to you after he breaks up with you for another girl, thats just a really bad move. do not try to make any contact with him for a while because if you dont he will realize that he needs his bestfriend back eathier in a realationship or as a friend. just do not make any contact with him and let him come to you when he is ready.

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