How can I think im attractive when I dont think I am?

all the time I feel like the way I dress makes me look bad and I always think I look fat and ugly.. eveything I wear that is tight I have to wear a sweater over it because I think im fat. I always call myself ugly because look at me icky :P

Answer #1

Well lets see your blond your thin and beautiful so I’m guessing you don’t need to worry too much. From what I can see your not ugly at all.

Answer #2

okay you have nothing to worry about, I saw your pictures and you are pretty. I am a girl myself and I some times think the same things. although im only 13 I still get wht you are trying to say. try going out buying some new nice clothes get more makeup to make you look older if you want! its your style be creative :]

Answer #3

you are not ugly. don’t say that sweetie. if you don’t like the way you look just change it. work on your body. buy new clothes that’s more attractive and nice. change your hair style or maybe try a new color. go pamper yourself at a spa.

Answer #4

just be positive about yourself, and dont compare yourself to others

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