How can i tell if my gauges are swollen?

monday I decided to gauge my ears. going from a size of a small lip ring to a 6. instead of just jumping striaght to a six, I went to spencers for advice the man gave me a taper going to a size six. He told me that when I get in the shower push the taper in a little further at a time but only to when my ear felt a little pressure and stop. Well at the time I just wanted to get it done. My left ear was really sore and tender so I didnt force it, as of my right ear it was fine so I tried to force it through... That was tuesday. I woke up this morning and my left ear was swollen and still is. Theres no puss no fever just swollen. All I need to know is if its infected? how long it will be swollen? What to do? keep it in? take it out? I've been putting sea salt and anti bacterial soup on it and moving it around like I was told... I just need to know what to do? Any advice?

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Do NOT use peroxide because of the hydrogen it puffs the skin, giving you more of a chance of having a blow out.

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If you tapered it then it shouldn't be infected.
I've done the same thing you have just not as big. You should gauge your ears one size at a time, no matter how tempting it is to just do it.

Rubbing alcohol is horrid to use. Yes it cleans it but it also kills any new cells. It shouldn't be infected but I would use some hydrogen peroxide, it will clean it and reduce any chances of your getting a blow out (keloid).

Your ear will be red, and it will puss, but that's just because it's healing, you basically ripped a hole in your ear, so you should treat it as you would for any normal new piercing.

Continue using the sea salt and anti bacterial soap, more it around just not a lot, and apply some hydrogen peroxide to it with slight pressure. Just keep doing that 2-3times a day, and your ear should be back to normal within 1-2weeks.

Keep an eye on the colour of the puss though. If it's clear or yellowish then it's just healing, but if it turns to a greenish colour then thats a sign of infection.

Good luck. =]

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Just being red and swollen DOES NOT mean its infected it could jsut me crazy irritated. dont use alchole wipes, as said above it kills new cells, do what youve been doing, clean it a lot AT LEAST 3 times a day more if possible if nothing changes in a week either take it out or go see a perfessional piercer about it, ask them their proffesional thoughts on it, est.

good luck

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if it's's infected...if it's apricot (like...normal caucasian skin color)..then you should be good...try some tea tree oil...

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If its infected it will stay like fire red and get puss. Put sum rubbing alcohol on it daily to prevent that. If it dont get betting in 3-5 days and is still sore id take it out let it heal and slowly gauge it. Good luck and happy new year. Rate if it helped a bit

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