How can I tell if he's serious?

hey people! I’ve had this MAJOR crush on this guy on and off 4 like 2 years! its kinda awkward because he’s actually related to me!but I think he likes me because I’ve seen him look at me in this really weird way. my best friend came over one time and she sed that he looks at you in a certain way. I catch him staring at me sometimes and he sorta goes kinda red. oh and we’re the BEST of friends we talk all the time and I know him really well. but he says he has a grlfrnd but his friend sed that he doesnt so maybe he made it up to make me jealous? so can you help me get him 2 like me?

Answer #1

kl. that might work. thnxx!

Answer #2

Play hard to get and see where it takes your relationship.

Answer #3

Omg HE asked me out!!! told him evrything!!! He’s had a crush on me 4 ages 2 lol!!!

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