How can I tell 'em I dow wanna hangout all the time?

so my mates want me to go out nerly evry nite but I serously cba wiv it, because sumtyms I wanna go out wiv my otha mates tha dow go to my school because they more fun to b wiv but then they get mad at me and say I shud gew wiv them more instead, and get upset but they am really borin sumtyms, I c ‘em all day at school then I wanna c otha people, but what can I say that wont mek them mad at me. I still wanna c them sumtyms but just not every damn nite.. anyone got any ideas ??

Answer #1

soz hard!

Answer #2

You’re grammar is awful. I can’t even read that

see, with, sometimes, night, nearly, other, don’t NOT dow, be, should, go, them, make

Learn how to spell words properly.

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