How can I stop staying up so late?

I just don’t know why I stay up so late. I woke up at like 12:30pm I should be sleep by now but am not. ( Am not warming up no milk -.-) and I get up for school around 5:30am and it 1:18am already. but I can’t get myself to sleep cause it still things I want to do. I always have trouble sleeping when things are left undone in my day. am hungry is one things and am having craving for coffee ( < this won’t help me stay up it like my daily drug. I feel like a vampire without no blood right now -.-). I wish I had night school or something. cause school is dragging me down ill probably be dead asleep during most of my school day. it hard for me to fall asleep during the same time every night for me to fall asleep around 9pm or 10pm I would have to be up by like 8am or 7am. but am never up that early unless I got things to do -.- but how can I stop staying up so late. ( it a big issue for me due to the fact that am more of a night person ((Vampire rawr :D)) then a day person)

P.S I can feel that am a little tired right now but am not really ready to sleep yet -.-

Answer #1

zma, go guy it

Answer #2

Try taking melatonin, it’s a naturaly ocuring chemical in the brain that is released when it’s dark to make you tired, but yes they have it in pill form. If that doesn’t help I recomend speaking to a doctor about getting sleeping pills.

Answer #3

I am the same damn way. ill wake up at 12:30 sometimes a lil later and then I wont be able to fall asleep till like 4 sometimes 5 in the morning and then I cant get outta bed.ill feel like I’ve been up for days if I try and get up ata normal time but when its 5am I only feel a lil tired just enough to fall asleep im not even exausted when I fall asleep but I damn sure wake up exausted like I hada night at the club lol. I started to take 2 tylenol pms an hour before I wanted to go to sleep and they work very well sometimes I need 3. and they dont make it so I cant wake up eather. theyre like gold to me. thats the only way I can get sleep.try them they work!…its 4:39am right now and im obviously outta them lol thats why im still up

Answer #4

Thats the way I was through school and still am. I would actually sleep during my math class second period. Of course it didn’t help that I had exhausting PE first hour! I just dealt with it I guess, I still haven’t changed. I take online classes now which I can do anytime day or night! I usually stay up until I get my son off to school and then wake my hubby up to watch the other kids. We just kind of work off of each others schedule and it seems to work for both of us. One thing I used to do to try to go to sleep was read, I always read before going to bed. The only time this backfired on me was when I got way too into the book, then I’d force myself to stay up to see how the book ended!

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