How can i stop my boyfriends ex getting in the way of everything?

Its not really her getting in the way, its more she is his best friend and we hate eachother.. everytime me and my boyfriend fight she gets involved and goes off at me telling me all the things I do wrong. I try to stand up for myself but its makes things worse. He would never ever like her or take her back he hates her most of the time they have a love hate relationship, the other day she told me this big list of things, basically all the stuff I do wrong as a girlfriend, as in how mean I am to him and everything, I agree for some things but others she overreacts.. I dont no what im really asking for I just want to no what is the best way I can deal with her, how can I ressolve the fact she gets involved with everything or how can I stand up for myself without saying the wrong thing or making it worse??? I would appreciate anything wether it be comments or anything..

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tell him how you feel,,if you guys have an open relationship and you and him truley are close then he would want you to tell him,,and he would understand,,tell him that her getting in the way ruens things and just bcause shes his best friend doesnt mean shess part of thee relationship and hats shes just messing things upp also dont give her reasons to talk bad stuff

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