How can I stop being addicted to soda and stuff?

I know soda is bad for your health but I can’t help but to drink it. I havn’t figure out a way to get myself off it I try to drink juice and tea to see if that can help but that only help my craving for a little while. like yesterday I drank a whole 2 litter of Dr pepper cherry by myself. Soda,coffee, juice ( that all I think) is like a drug to me. it relax me and make my mind calm. I don’t even see how I got addicted to it ( the coffee I do). I feel like a vampire -.- sometime ill get this weird feeling inside my mouth when looking at some soda ( only when I havn’t had none in a while). like right now I just got done drinking a half of cup of soda help?

P.S I don’t got a eating disorder or anything around that

Answer #1

Yea, I used to drink like 2 liters a day myself, but now I only drink water, but I guess your addiction is very strong. I stopped to lose weight, that was my reason.

Answer #2

Get those Crystal Lite packets , they’re flavored like lemonade , peach , etc. they’re reallly good , you just pore the packet in some water , it tastes really good and isn’t unhealthy for you :)

Answer #3

uhm soda has caffeine. You’re obviously addicted to the stuff if you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms (like irritability).

Answer #4

purple drankk hahah :p But for real..

you should try to cut down on the amount you keep in your house.. try to get family to stop buying it

you need to stop yourself everytime you open the bottle or like throw it outside & dump it BEFORE you change your mind..thats the trick:)

Answer #5

Remind yourself constantly that you don’t need it. It isn’t a problem if you have it once in a while but you should realize it’s bad for you health. Good Luck(:

Answer #6

I try but I just can’t help myself. and am a very angry person when I don’t have my coffee or something like that

Answer #7

Stop buying all that, buy joice or whatver your traying to switch to and that way you wont have any other choice but to drink what there is.

Answer #8

my mom and everyone else buy soda. and I can’t help but to take a swig of it. am tryna switch off everything

No juice or nothing

Answer #9

Switch your addiction to purple drank

Answer #10

Everytime you get a craving chew gum, or drink water.

Answer #11

not funny this is kinda serious you know

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