How can I stay anorexic/bulimic?

hey, yeah, I am an ana and a mia, so basically im a purging anorexic or whatever, but yeah, lately I’ve been getting feelings of regret for not eating much, and im gaining weight, I now weigh 101 pounds, can you please help me???

Answer #1

when your anorexic you only loose weight for a couple of months until your body starts realizing your not eating as much anymore and when you do it your body some how turns it into fat and you cant loose it. being anorexic is is being bulimic your better off portion controlling your food and going to the gym

Answer #2

Go to a therapist and get help to get rid of the anorexia and bulimia. The only way to feel good about yourself if by dealing with this problem head on and getting help. You are not fat. You are not ugly. And you do not need to loose weight or feel guilty about eating. That is your illness speaking. Don’t be afraid to face up to your fears and free yourself from these unnecessary problems!

Answer #3

Keep on eating and you’ll stop looking like Michael Jackson in no time.

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