How can you stay an anorexic?

if youre an anorexic how do you stay an anorexic?

Answer #1

wow i didnt realize how bad it actually was. thanks tons

Answer #2

You cannot stay an anorexic and live. Anorexia is a life threatening illness. If you suspect you have an eating disorder, seek help immediately. Hopefully you have not done permanent damage to your body yet.

Answer #3

I would juss eat salads and fruits and vegetables I so wish to be anorexic cuss I think im fat=[

Answer #4

Yeah, most people don’t realize how bad it is, that’s part of what makes it so dangerous. By the time people realize what they have gotten themselves into, it’s often too late. Girls with eating disorders often have their hair and teeth fall out. They also may be unable to have children. It’s pretty serious stuff.

So if you want to stay at a healthy weight:

-Walk -Drink lots of water -Eat roughly 1700 calories a day -Read nutrition labels, avoid cholesterol and saturated fat as much as possible -Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Then you’ll be healthy, look good, and feel good. You’ll also keep your hair, teeth, and fertility, have energy, and live longer!

Answer #5

Dear Anorexia,

Anorexia is horrible and shouldn’t be done in the first place. Watch the video ‘Courage’ on youtube and you will see. But if this really is your chosen lifestyle (after you watch the video you can decide for sure. But take into consideration that it can easily happen to you.) just eat small things like a low fat yougurt for breakfast and an apple for lunch and some cooked carrots for dinner.

Answer #6

I dont think that anybody should be anorexic…it is not healthy and if you wish you were…shame shame…my best friend was anorexic and she nearly DIED! if your anorexic you dont realize what your doing and even if you lost a lot of weight you still think your fat so you keep going and going…and the scary part is you could DIE. personally id rather be maybe a little over weight and healthy than be skinny and have a lot of health problems and risk my life…

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