How can I protect my teeth from a tongue piercing?

Hay yall! Im 15 going on 16 and im asking my mom and dad for a tongue piercing but my mom says yes and my dad says mabe. He sayed it is a definent yes if I fined a way to protect my teeth! So is there a retainer or cover or something for my teeth, or something!!!? Please help me out I want a tongue piercing so bad! Fellatio!!! Teenage boy!!!

Answer #1

Im pretty sue fellatio is giving oral sex to a man, giving it to a woman would be cunnilingus

Answer #2

hey there! I have my tongue done, going on three years now, and I LOVE IT! first things first, there are a few things you can do to increase the chance of you getting bad teeth, other than dont play with it, dont rub it against your teeth. I have very good teeth, and I have not rubbed it or anything very often. I barely notice its there anymore. dentist reccommend taking it out wehn you eat, but this wont make much of a difference., but it will close up very fast, and I doubt will be worth repiercing. You can alwyas get a plastic or softer balls to go on the end of teh bar, and this will be a lot better for your teeth. there are some pretty cool soft ones out there. ALSO, the piercer SHOULD pierce it back far enough so it will not touch your teeth when you talk. this helps immensly, and is a common misconception that it touches your teeth when you talk. IT SHOULDNT also, just some tips if you get it done (and the piercer should tell you this too): Do not rub on your teeth do not eat acidic or artificially coloured foods for atleast 2 weeks after drink fizzy drink or alchol thrua straw for atleast 2 weeks rinse your mouth with uncoloured mouthwash ONCE A DAY! anymore than that and it will kill the cells on your tongue and make it harder to heal.


Answer #3

I brush my teeth 3 times a day and floss everyday. too protect my teeth I dont let it hit my teeth. I’m gonna be a dentist so I asked my teacher. He said to wear a grind protector on your teeth while you sleep. because you never know when its gonna smack up against your teeth while you sleep. try to get a smaller bar after a few weeks after you get it done maybe with a softer ball. I keep a bottle with me filled with half water half mouth wash (Listerine) and swish it around for 20 sec after drinking coffee and eating. it also keeps your teeth strong. ask your dentist what you can do to keep your teeth strong and healthy

Answer #4

Im not even quit shure what fellatio realy means I think it means oral sex but I dont know if its for girls or for guys? lol im not gay so I think I sayed something gay not that theres anything wrong with gay!

Answer #5

There isn’t any 100% way to protect your teeth other then to just not get it. BUT Some dentists suggest that to protect teeth patients should remove the barbell every time they eat, sleep or engage in strenuous activity. If you decide to follow what the dentist says, when you take it out the piercing hole will heal and close in about 1-2hours without anything in it, so you can get a plug… But thats basically all that you can do. Sorry.

And what the heck does fellatio have to do with this? Are you getting it to DO fellatio? =S If so that’s pretty freaking stupid… -.-‘

Answer #6

LOL… just some advice, don’t get it done. I am 24yrs. old and got mine done when I was 13. I had a hard time keeping myself from playing with it in my mouth and really messed up my front upper teeth. I haven’t had it in for years and had bonding done on the upper 4 front teeth to fix them. They look great now but bonding isn’t permanent and not all that cheap, usually around 250/tooth. Even veneers which last longer, usually 10 years, arent permanent and they cost close to 1000/tooth. I know not everyone who has their tongue pierced has messed up teeth but just be aware and think this through whether or not you want to take a chance of ruining your teeth.

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