How can I orgasm

It takes me forever to have an orgasim(im a girl) most of the time when I have sex I have to rub myself in order to cum… Is there an easier way because I rarely enjoy sex anymore

Answer #1

There are several sexual positions which focus entirely on the female orgasm and sensitivity (which of course pleasure the man at the same time). You need to start considering what are commonly referred to as ‘G-Spot Positions’. Your g-spot is actually at the front of your body (hard to explain here) and there are several positions which are specifically tailored to the stimulation of the g-spot.

Search up g-spot positions on the internet and read over what you find. I already briefly explained one such position in response to a question you posted earlier. If you need any advice (if you can’t find any), feel free to ask again of course!

Also it might be pleasurable for you to have your partner stimulate your clitoris as well. I can’t really go into too much detail without writing a manual, but as mandyloo said, having your partner move in close is a good way of stimulating it. As is having him rub it during sex or any other such things.

If you simply want to climax and are not necessarily fussed as to whether or not it happens during sex, you may wish to consider discussing oral sex with your partner…

Answer #2

It is not the most boring, the missionary postion can have many different variaties. I’m not saying it’s the only one, I personally have a karma sutra book and we try all different types of things.

If the missionary position is done properly, his body should rub against your clit.

Answer #3

Really it is only boring if you fail to communicate with your partner and he fails to position himself right. As mandyloo and I have said, it is not hard to position yourself in a way which can stimulate a girl’s clitoris. All positions have their strengths and flaws.

Answer #4

How cum if your a lass your pics a mans??? and I personally disagree that missionairy position stimulates you as I think it the most boring out of all the positions

Answer #5

70 percent of women can not have an orgasm from penetration alone, so it’s normal.

You are doing the right thing though, most women have an orgasm during sex by rubbing their clit.

OIther things you can try: A Vibrator during sex, the missionary position can work if he is close enough to you to press his body against your clit, doggy style allows for deeper penetration and you get more of a sensation from it.

Answer #6

what IS THAT?

Answer #7

imma try tha missionary position

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